The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) help prevent wheel lockup and assists the driver to retain control when braking aggressively by balancing the front and rear braking forces.


The seat belts have an automatic pre-tensioning system that ride across the lap and chest to help restrain the driver and passengers during sudden stops.

Driver’s Side intelligent SRS Airbag

Safety comes first with Brio's intelligent airbags that are constructed in a spiral form which deploys gradually for a softer impact to your body helping to prevent severe bruising. The Brio also comes with a passenger front airbag, to keep both driver and passenger safe

ACE Body

Brio's Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) utilizes a network of connected structural elements to help distribute crash energy more evenly throughout the front of the vehicle. It goes through stringent tests especially designed to enhance self-protection while mitigating damage to the other vehicle


Honda engineers have not only thought about every comfort and convenience for the Brio, but also about security such as remote central locking and immobilizer. This makes the Brio not only stylish, but safe too.

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