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    Advantages of Honda Low Viscosity Engine Oil

    Maximises fuel economy

    Low Viscosity engine oil resists high temperature volatilisation (evaporation) better than other engine oils. Low Viscosity engine oil maintains peak fuel efficiency and reduces oil consumption and emissions.

    Protects against wear

    Low Viscosity engine oil has better anti-wear performance than all other oils tested. With Low Viscosity engine oil, engine life can be extended and major repairs are often reduced.

    Improved cold temperature start-up

    Low Viscosity engine oil helps engines turn over easier and flows quickly to engine parts for critical start-up protection. Engines start faster and wear is greatly reduced for extended engine life.

    Helps engines start easier

    The low crank viscosity of Low Viscosity engine oil reduces drag on moving engine parts and allows engines to achieve critical cranking speed in extremely frigid temperatures. Engines turn over quickly and dependably in the coldest winter temperatures.

    Controls acid formation

    The high TBN of Low Viscosity engine oil allows it to effectively combat wear-causing contaminants and acids, providing superior protection and performance.